Hi there, we are digital superheroes and we love our pixels

Who are we?

Chris Doe

Chris Doe Designer

Not seldom in this life, when, on the right side, fortune's favourites sail close by us, we, though all adroop before.

Mary Ann Doe

Mary Ann Doe Illustrator

The waif-pole was thrust upright into the dead whale's spout-hole; and the lantern hanging from its top, cast a troubled flickering glare.

Jane Doe

Jane Doe Designer

In the center of the roof was a great light, as bright as the sun, which made the emeralds sparkle in a wonderful manner.

Matthijs Dinkla

Matthijs Dinkla Transitie lead

Verandering + leren = impact

Elwin van Riel

Elwin van Riel Agile lead

Agile leer je door te doen

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