Agile transformations have zero chance of survival without Agile HR

by Job van Zandvoort on juni 19, 2019

The cause lies largely in the lack of integrated ownership of Strategic Agile HR. This secret ingredient has a huge potential @ helping agile transformations to be succesfull.

But what is Agile HR? I define Agile HR as the ability to quickly create appropriate changes based on human behavior and respond to them in an ever-turbulent environment.

Why is this so complicated in practice with a transformation? The main cause is that “agile organization behavior” or agile HR is still largely unexplored territory and therefore receives little attention. As a result, there is a lack of ownership. There is a huge opportunity to accelerate agile teams if you consider the potential of this.

In addition, agile HR is still too fragmented in an organizational transformation. My experience is that in practice the scrum master, agile coach and HR experts are independently involved in agile activities and do not speak to each other enough. As a result, these key roles cannot sufficiently reinforce each other and the agile transition receives too little strategic attention.

No agile HR = no successful transition to agile. My experience is that the underlying cause of less successful transformations can be found in the lack of an agile HR system. The existing HR system often remains unchanged. This is a huge opportunity because human behavior and the quality of performance depend highly on the extent to which the working environment facilitates agile thinking and doing.

Agile coaching of teams: great, please do it! In order to be able to work agile, in practice it is often first started by coaching teams in appropriate agile methods. This is very good: where this happens, this make it possible for teams to master the agile way of thinking and doing. The downside is that organizations regularly forget to overhaul the existing HR system. As a result, the agile change can only make a limited contribution to the success of the organization.

The agile HR system: a sneak preview. A modern HR system often focuses fundamentally on training and development, recruitment and selection, remuneration and career coaching. An agile HR system focuses on top of that on stimulating transformational leadership styles, engagement and agile competence development including agile capabilities and skills. By emphasizing this, a high involvement working system can be created and the agile transformation can be firmly anchored.

Job van ZandvoortAgile transformations have zero chance of survival without Agile HR